January 25, 2017 - Rai News Service on school trips Safety

... and we talk about the choice of firms to be entrusted with the transport service criteria.



Friday, January 24, 2017, on Rainews24, the program "In Wave - Special VROOOM" dedicated to the tragic accident of Verona, where they lost their lives 16 Hungarian students on a school trip.

It talked about transportation safety and quality in buses, playing by the rules and controls and was fully shown the video-spot ANAV of the communication campaign "Sicurezza10elode", edited by 'ANAV in cooperation with the Traffic Police. In this context, the Director of ANAV showed, first, that the bus provides much higher safety standards than other vehicles, thanks to the professional qualification and the strict medical and health controls faced by drivers (test intake of alcohol and drugs). In addition, signaling the important work carried out by ANAV awareness through the aforementioned communication campaign "Sicurezza10elode," stressed the need for more careful selection of transport companies and warned against too low service costs, because " good first rule is to not buy affordable transport services bargain, considering that the average cost of production of the service is 1.60 € / km ".

Among the interventions to be reported to Pierluigi Boggione (Irisbus), which has remembered as less than 1% of road accidents is referable to buses, equipped now of high gama devices of active and passive safety, Vitelli (Ministry of Transport ), which, while denouncing the age of the bus fleet, has highlighted the growing trend of businesses to the renewal of business parks, Santo Puccia (Traffic Police) who, recalling the support of the Police to the ANAV campaign and collaboration with the Ministry of Education, has summarized the emerging data from checks carried out on buses on the road and, finally, Prof. Scarascia, President of the Association "Parents Erasmus Generation" and the father of one of the girls who tragically died in the incident occasion happened in Spain March 26, 2016.