Supply conditions

1)        If not differently established the rate of the service doesn't include VAT, parkings, road tunnels, transports on ferry-boats, tolls abroad, entrance tickets for the cities, food and accomodation for the driver during long trips (in this eventuality it is required to serve to our staff an appropriate service close by the tourist group and in case of half board it will be supplied an addition of 25 € for every lunch not provided), beverage supply on board (only on prior request).

2)        The customer must plan with the company time and place of departure, time of return, destination, possible halfway stops, itinerary and number of avalaible seats. In default of these information we will work as best practice. The itinerary, if not clearly requested, will be calculated in the shortest way (not necessarily motorway).

3)        The customer must demand in advance the possibility of making use of WC, coffee machine, mini-bar, DVD-videos.

4)        We can't exceed for any reason the number of passengers specified in the vehicle registration certificate.

5)        If the roads will be impassable the driver is authorised to stop for the safety of everybody.

6)        Changes of itinerary and timetable, extra services required in progress will take place under the responsibility of the group leader and after the authorisation of the company (in this case the travel document must be countersigned by the management).

7)        Changes of timetable and itinerary (even these due to force majeure) not caused by our company, will be always charged to the customer.

8)        Before starting the trip it's necessary that the group leader informs the passengers about the guidelines of behaviour on board of the coach (if the guidelines aren't attached to this document they could be downloaded on our website or required directly to the vehicle driver).

9)        It's strictly forbidden to bring on board of the coach inflammable material or judged dangerous by the driver. The charge of material different from the personal luggage must be required and authorised by the management.

10)     In case of cancellation of the service the following penalties will be applied:

Day trips: 

- A) If the trip is canceled, but proposed again later: there's no penalty for cancellation until 12:00 of the previous day of departure; penalty of 20% of amount if the cancellation takes place at the moment of departure.

- B) If the trip is canceled and it can't be proposed again: there's no penalty for cancellation until 24 hours before the departure; penalty of 20% of amount for cancellation from 23 hours to 2 hours before the departure; penalty of 50% of amount if the cancellation takes place at the momento of departure.

Several day trips: until 10 days before the departure there's no penalty; until 3 days before there's a penalty of 10%; at the moment of departure there's a penalty of 50%:

11)     In case of cancellation due to bad weather there's no penalty when the service is postponed to the first useful date.

12 )    We inform you that there's the obligation to respect the driving time and rest time planned by the guidelines CE n. 561/2006, in particular the daily rest of the driver which doesn't have to be lower than 11 consecutive hours. 

13)     If not differently planned the payments must be made according to the following ways: 30% of amount at confirmation, the final payment at departure.

14)     Every difference in the transport service supplied must be contested directly to the driver completing the specific blank space in the travel document. Possible request of discounts or reimbursements must be submitted by registered mail or fax within 10 days from the return date. The Management will only consider the requests concerning to services already payed.

15)    Any charge could be ascribed to our company :

15)     Nessun addebito può essere imputato alla ns. ditta per :

>        furti o deterioramenti al materiale depositato in pullman, salvo il caso di provata negligenza o dolo;

>        mancato raggiungimento della destinazione per cause di forza maggiore (impraticabilità strada, …);

>        ritardi causati da rotture o inefficienze del mezzo o altro, una volta iniziato il servizio.


L’accettazione del preventivo implica l’accettazione delle condizioni di fornitura e delle regole di comportamento.